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Storm Damage
Emergency Repair Hotline: (651) 387-6951 Call us anytime
Our Storm Damage Division is dedicated to immediate 24/7 assistance if your home is affected by a storm, hurricane, Tornado, Hail Damage.

Why Gaviota Construction?
Gaviota Construction does quality, durable work.
We ensure high-quality work by overseeing all the craftsmanship ourselves. Other construction companies bring in subcontractors to work a job without knowing who they are, what their work looks like, or even if they have worked together before. Our promise to you is that only our trained, licensed, bonded, and insured Gaviota Construction teams will work on your house.

Gaviota Construction is flexible
We want to work with you to make your dream home a reality. We understand this can only happen by working within your budget. We are ready and willing to pursue budget-friendly materials and less-expensive alternatives in order to achieve your vision.

Gaviota Construction is dedicated to you
We are dedicated to showing our customers how important their home improvement projects are to our business. Because Gaviota Construction tradesmen are involved in the project design, construction problems are found before the job begins to save you time and money. We like to keep homeowners involved in this process so you are informed about every aspect of the project.

Gaviota Construction is safe
We stay up-to-date with new industry safety requirements and techniques. We want to protect you and your property and provide our employees with a safe job site.

Gaviota Construction is committed
We have proven ourselves in the Twin Cities construction market and are pleased to now offer greater Minnesota our highest standards of quality, professionalism, integrity, and honesty in construction.

Fresh image, new look for your home
We use the very latest techniques, equipment, and technology to plan, work, and detail your home improvement project. All of our siding, gutter, flooring, painting, drywall and roofing work is precise. Most importantly when the job is finished, your dream home has become a reality.

References: We are happy to provide new customers with recommendations and evaluations from independent roofing, siding, flooring, and painting remodelers or from previous homeowners and property managers at the hundreds of buildings that we have worked on over the years.


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